Choose Your Topics

We use a wide variety of topics in our coaching sessions and we prefer the ones that correspond to real life situations. If you need to work on specific topics (for example: job interviews, hotel reservations, mechanical engineering, film production, biochemistry, etc.) please let us know in the comments form below. Choose your topics.


I want/need to talk about:

We know that training people with topics they don’t find interesting or relevant simply doesn’t work. Experience show us that this is the case, time and again. This is also supported by scientific evidence. Many interesting studies have been carried out about student engagement.  If you are interested in this subject there is a good article on Wikipedia. This will give you some background on the subject. Without engagement there is no motivation. Without motivation there is no learning, or poor learning at best.

If you are reading this and you are looking for the best way to improve your English, we like to know first what your expectations are. The more we know about your needs and expectations, the better we can adapt to them.

Here are some examples of specific students’ expectations that we’ve received over the last few month:

“I am applying for a job in an american company in my country. English is the working language in this company and I have to speak the language fluently in order to be considered for this position”.

“Next year I am going to travel around the world with my best friend. His English is very good but mine isn’t. I don’t want to rely on him all the time. To be more independent I want to speak English well enough to travel around with my friend and make meaningful contacts along the way”.

“I am a medical student and I have been learning English for many years. I manage well when I have to socialize with people or travel. When I need to speak English in a professional context however I lose my confidence. I can’t really speak well about medical matters in English. I have to make an important presentation soon and I am worried. Can you help”?

“I work in a large multinational company and we often have to deal with foreign clients, partners or providers. If my spoken English was better I could apply for a more senior position within my company”.

“My dream is to study in an English university. I looked at the application process and they always ask for a IELTS score of at least 7.5. I don’t think I can achieve this on my own but I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals. What is your best advice?”