Kids Coaching

KIDS COACHING is fun and interactive. Each session is 15 minutes live coaching. For 5 to 12 year olds with a beginner to pre-intermediate level. We recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week. Parents are welcome to sit in on the sessions. To find out what people say about our programmes, click here.




Kids coaching 5 x 15 minutes
15 €/session
Short, fun, interactive lessons
Feedback during session
5 Sessions of 15 minutes
Kids coaching 10 x 15 minutes
12 €/session
Short, fun, interactive lessons
Feedback during session
10 Sessions of 15 minutes
Kids coaching 20 x 15 minutes
10 €/session
Short, fun, interactive lessons
Feedback during session
20 Sessions of 15 minutes


Kids Coaching with English MC

We know that kids’ average attention span is lower than that of adults. What’s more, it’s getting shorter and shorter, under the influence of TV and the Internet. Our experience shows that if we do short, fun and interactive sessions of 15 minutes with children they will remain engaged and focused throughout the session.

Kids naturally love languages. If their first experiences in language learning are positive they will have strong incentive to carry on learning languages throughout their lives.

The first 15 minute session is free, no credit card details needed. During this first session we have a chat with your child to get an idea of what he or she already knows. If he or she is a complete beginner, no problems. Kids Coaching is designed with beginners in mind and our team is experienced with beginners.

We encourage parents to be present for the first session. If you would like to have more details or if you want to discuss your child’s learning programme, please feel free to contact us before the first trial session. We will do our utmost to respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We believe that although new technologies offer amazing new possibilities, a real face to face exchange with a friendly teacher is still the best way to learn a language. A Language Coach can build up a child’s motivation and confidence like no one else can.

Kids Coaching, English MC Language Coaching.

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