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This short test is FREE and will allow us to know your level of English better. After that we recommend you contact us to complete for a free online (via Skype) trial session. Our English test and levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

1) _____ name is John.
2) I _____ in Oxford.
3) Are you English?
No, _____.
4) He is _____ Liverpool.
5) I am _____ a book now.
6) _____ my books.
7) What's the time?
_____ 7.15pm
8) I _____ like fish.
9) She's _____ her friend.
10) Where _____ you go last weekend?
11) _____ you close the door?
12) _____ call the Police!
13) He _____ to France in September.
14) I _____ go to bed.
15) I _____ meet you at the restaurant.
16) He is the _____ in his class.
17) The house _____ last year.
18) The train _____ at seven.
19) Have you ever _____ to England?
20) I _____ to go to London tomorrow. I have a meeting.
21) I’d love _____ with you.
22) If _____ tomorrow, I will take an umbrella.
23) How long have you been _____ English?
24) She will be _____ on the first bus to New York.
25) If I _____ the lottery, I would buy a sports car.
26) Sorry, I _____
27) She said she _____ to go home.
28) Coffee is _____ in tropical countries.
29) I've got to _____ my daughter from school.
30) I was watching television when the phone _____.
31) She spoke _____ than he did.
32) I _____ if Sam will be going to the conference.
33) I _____ a loan for my new car.
34) I _____ him I wasn't available.
35) I wish I _____ more money at work.
36) By next month, I will have _____ my bonus!
37) In _____, we have decided to hire five new employees.
38) If we _____ that house, we would have had to build an extension.
39) By the time the bus arrives, they will have been _____ for over an hour.
40) I didn’t sleep very well last night. I _____ this new bed.
41) First _____ are very important.
42) Don't _____, you are almost there!
43) When you have finished playing with your toys, can you _____
44) She _____ have arrived in New York yet, the flight is more than 8 hours.
45) Your email has _____ to Human Resources.
46) Please _____ as soon as possible.
47) I was devastated when I _____ the truth.
48) If I _____ an interview, I would probably have been hired by the company.
49) He doesn't even speak his own language well, _____ French.
50) He was a mysterious person. I couldn't _____.

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