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Sample coaching session

Jeanne is a French student who is 24 years old. She did some English at school but forgot most of it. Recently she tried evening lessons in a group using a coursebook. Although the book was good she felt that she wasn’t really learning much and she kept forgetting what she had learnt. Her objective is to study a master’s degree in Canada to become a hotel manager. Her level test result was A2. Click here to know more about levels and here to do the test. Sample Coaching Session. Jeanne also started with our English level test. After that we gave her a free trial session. During this session we discussed her study goals, the method, the weekly schedule, the budget and her favourite topics. Just a few days later she started her programme and we sent her the first preparation sheet 3 days before the session.


Below is an example of one of her preparation documents for a live session.

Click here for a Sample of a Session Preparation


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