favourite season

What is your favourite season?


Green, yellow, brown – almost like a traffic light!

Winter, spring, summer, autumn.

My favourite season is autumn, this lovely season we are in now. Sure, there is a little more rain and the temperature has started to drop but I love the changes in the colour of the landscape. I took these pictures on a beautiful circuit walk my husband and I did through a village and a chestnut wood.



The leaves turn from green to yellow to brown before falling to the floor and leaving the trees bare.






The area is well-known for its chestnuts (right picture).  The locals collect the chestnuts and use them to make flour, puree, bread, cakes, stuffing and soup. Nearer Christmas you can buy them roasted fresh from the fire. Be careful if you collect them as they fall off the trees in these very prickly shells which can hurt your fingers! Once the chestnuts have been collected the shells are discarded in large piles (left picture).



Chestnuts in their shell








There is another type of chestnut tree, called the horse chestnut tree, that grows conkers. These are very similar to chestnuts expect they cannot be eaten. In the UK children often play a game with the conkers, watch this video to understand more. I was never very good at this game!



Landscape (n) – a section or expanse of natural inland or coastal scenery

circuit (n) – when you start and finish at the same place

Bare (adj) – without covering or clothing

locals (n) – people who live within the area, a resident

prickly (adj) – harmful points

to discard (v) – no longer use it, get rid of or throw away


some definitions taken from dictionary.reference.com




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